Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Isle of Capri


Geoff and I walked through Cetara last night after dinner. It is a wonderful small fishing village. No tourists or cruise ships. They are known for their anchovies. We bought a jar for the group to share. When we returned to the ship, it was cigars and limoncello time!
Today was absolutely beautiful. Woke up to the sound of the engine starting and we were off to the Isle of Capri! Another destination that I never thought I would ever get visit. Life is good! Arrived at approximately 10am and had a great view of the famous 3 rocks called faraglioni.
In Italianfaraglioni (singular faraglione [faraʎˈʎone]) are stacks, a coastal and oceanic rock formation eroded by waves.The word may be derived from the Greek pharos or Latin pharus ("lighthouse") and is cognate with the Spanish farallón.They are found at the coasts of several regions of Italy.
Took the tender onto the island and then a small bus up to the town. Jim, J, Dennis, and Angie stayed
in town. Paula, Elaine, Donna, and Phyllis, Geoff, and I went with Clement on a hike up to Tiberius’ leap and castle. Beautiful views.
Set majestically at the top of a 977-foot sheer bluff above the sea, this is but one of 12 villas that Roman Emperor Tiberius built on his favorite island.
You can clamber around the half-decayed walls that once defined the imperial apartments, baths complex, and servant’s quarters, but none of it is in very good shape—come more for the romantic setting than the archaeology.
Built into the ruins right on the cliff's edge at what is called the Salto di Tiberio ("Tiberius' Leap") is the tiny 17th-century church of Santa Maria del Soccorso, which treats you to a great sweeping view across the Bay of Naples.
All the way up and then all the way down through the nature trail. Stopped at a very nice platform for lunch.  We eventually made our way back to town where we stopped at the local deli and picked up some cheese and tomatoes to go with the anchovies we bought in Cetara last night for cocktail hour tonight. Capri is filled with tourists and small busy streets. We managed to wiggle through the beautiful people and down the walkway to the pickup spot.

Tony was waiting but there was quite a queue for the dock. It was rush hour on Capri – who would have thought. It took the two trips but we all made it back and immediately jumped into the sea. What a hoot! The water was wonderful and refreshing.

Enjoying our cocktails and treats, we are now sailing to Ischia, another island that we will tour tomorrow. BTW, my original bike is on board. I’m not sure how they managed to sail it over to Capri and get it on the ship but I am glad they did. Let’s hope it works. I will need it tomorrow. Everyone
has settled down and is either reading, napping, or in Geoff’s case, fixing something!!

One other thing I forgot to mention a day or so ago. While we were riding down the Amalfi Coast, someone pointed out where the diving platform was for the Red Bull competition. Had to smile, thinking of our nephew, Andy!


Next time… Back in the saddle in Ischia


  1. Hey guys, so far it looks like the trip is going great (with the exception of the bike mishap, think of it as adding to the adventure). Real nice photos of the Bay and greenery. I do remember the clear blue waters of Capri..nothing like it.

    P.S. amazing win by the Pats

  2. I look at those incredible hills & cliffs, the amazing beauty of the place, but at the same time think "Who would be crazy enough to try to bicycle here?" Oh yeah, I know them!! Good luck with the new (old) bike!