Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sitting in Dublin

Puttered around the house until the car service finally came at 2pm.  The ride to the airport was pretty smooth. Got checked in and through TSA with time to spare. Took a couple seats at Wahlbergers, grabbed a bite and watched the US Open. Just found out that Andy Murray lost -- another upset.

The flight was comfortable enough. Our seats were right in front with no one in front of us. However, they never got the vegetarian meal order. Since the options were chicken and Sheppard's pie, they were nice enough to give us a cod dinner from first class. Not sure what we will wind up with on our continuing flights.

So it is now approaching 6am Dublin time, as we drink more coffee and wait for our connecting flight to Naples.

This airport is filled with whiskey and chocolate cafes!! And lots of strange food we never heard of. We will have a lot to learn on our return trip here.

Looking forward to finally getting to our destination and being able to sleep.

Next time... Naples

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