Thursday, September 22, 2016

On to Killarney


Finally got our first Irish breakfast. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with brown bread – yummy! Food here is great and you don’t have to pay for extras like in Dublin. Bread was extra and one night Geoff asked for hot sauce – it came in a pitcher and cost a euro!

One other note I would like to make, as long as I am talking about food, way back in Naples – we found out from our cab driver to the airport in the morning we left, that the aquaculture in front of the castle is for mussels. That’s why the mussels were ever so good there.

Ok, back to today. First thing we did this morning was make reservations for the next two nights in Killarney just to be sure we have a room. The skies started out cloudy as we walked around town
after breakfast. Took a few parting shots, did the Jerry B. thing in Kinsale Harbor and then we hit the road. Once again it took us twice around the town to get out. We decided on taking the coastal route. The sun was shining bright and the scenery was beautiful. Stopped in Bantry for a walk about and a coffee.

Back on the road, we drove a ways down the Beara Peninsula and then cut across on Healy Pass. Absolutely fabulous. We stopped for a photo op and there was a guy from Texas standing there with Irish music blasting from his car. We just took in the views and listened to the music. I made a little video.  What a treat. Started down the mountain and the rains came. We are now making our way through the raindrops and greenery to Killarney.  

Riding through the National Park, we stopped for a scenic overlook at Ladies View.
Ladies View is a scenic point along the N71 portion of the Ring of Kerry, in Killarney National ParkIreland. The name apparently stems from the admiration of the view given by Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting during their 1861 visit.
Arrived at our B&B by about 5pm - more stairs. Yesterday, the first thing we did was rearrange our stuff so that everything we need is in one duffel. We left the summer and biking stuff in the other duffel in the car. Makes life a lot easier since everywhere we go there are stairs.

Ventured out to see the town and to grab some dinner. Town is about a 5 minute walk. We strolled along the streets and made a
point of going into Buckley's Bar for our friends Jim and Elaine- got a very warm welcome and chatted with the bartender some. Finally we settled on Cronin's Pub for dinner. Wound up sitting next to a bunch of New Englanders - one of which had a Pats sweatshirt on -- GO PATS. Not going to be able to watch them tonight - far too late for us.

Back in the room, we have decided to leave Killarney for Dingle tomorrow. Originally we had thought we could bike here but the weather is very iffy and the town is crowded and very commercial. Instead we might drive the Ring of Kerry if the weather looks good. We booked two nights in Dingle - hopefully away from the maddening crowd -- we'll see.

till then...


Next time... On to Dingle

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  1. About to read your next installment, but knowing the popularity of the Dingle Peninsula you are unlikely to escape the tourists in buses...