Saturday, September 10, 2016

Going to the Ship


Woke up and gathered our stuff together. Took a shower and headed to breakfast. It was a gloomy day so hanging out at the pool was not an option. Sat and chatted with the group and decided to take a walk down the promenade and check out our hotel that we will be in next Saturday after the tour. This is a boutique hotel that is much smaller but also right on the promenade. It is five minute walk from the other hotel (where the rest of the group going).

Got back and packed up and checked out. Still had about an hour or so before the van came to take us to the port. We headed down to the marina by the castle and had a Jerry B. moment. Yes, he is still with us. I thought the Dead Sea would be it but I just couldn’t go without him.

When we returned to the hotel, Angie and Dennis had arrived and soon after all 8 of us were packed into the van and we were off! We arrived at port at 2pm and could not board till 6pm. They took our luggage and we hung out at the yacht club. What a deal! The sun came out and the pool was fabulous.

Eventually, Donna and Phyllis showed up to complete our group of 10. Boarded the boat at 6pm – took a while to get all our stuff organized. Then it was time for the introductory champagne.  After meeting the crew and having a cocktail, we saddled up the bikes. The e-bike was OK. I think it will be alright. There is also an option to use a regular bike because Phyllis isn’t riding. So it’s all good.

It is now time for dindin.

Dinner was fine - great conversation. Just got the wifi, so I should be able to post this tonight. 

Next time... Pompeii

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    PS Naples opens OK